Structural Composites (SC) specializes in the design and development of composites for marine, military, commercial, and theme park applications.  Since 1987, SC has provided engineering design and analysis, R&D, product and prototype development, manufacturing process development, and independent composites testing services to hundreds of clients.

    Structural Composites has a broad range of customers representing every segment of the composites industry.  Our company has three general business units: Engineering, Testing, and Manufacturing. Within these three units, we conduct design and engineering, research and development, process and prototype development, certification testing, and technology transfer.  These three business units have provided us with a worldwide network that extends from raw material suppliers, to manufacturers, to end users.



Structural Composites Headquarters

7705 Technology Drive

West Melbourne, FL 32904

(321) 951-9464

Fax: (321) 728-9071


Annapolis Brach Office

Eric Greene- Branch Manager

86 River Road

Annapolis, MD 21403

(410) 263-1348

Fax: (410) 263-1413